Wreath Sale

North Chapel Inherits the Ski Runners Wreath Sale!

Great news! The North Chapel has inherited the annual Ski Runners wreath sale as a fundraiser this year. If you’ve ever purchased a wreath from a Ski Runner, then you know how beautiful they are.

We’ll be selling 24”, 36”, 48″ and 60” wreaths (outside diameter) and 10 ft sections of garland.

All wreaths are two sided (so they look beautiful hung against a window), lush and reasonably priced.

This is a fantastic opportunity for our community and we need your help! If you can help with sales, decorating, or delivery, please reach out to Elizabeth Daniels at woodstockwreathsale@gmail.com.

Thank you!

CLICK HERE to download the Wreath Order Form!

Wreaths and Garland