Children’s RE Photos

SE Sunday May 14

Mothers Day!

SE Sunday May 7

Planting flower flats with Change The World Kids for ArtisTree Gardens

SE Sunday April 30 and Candidate Week

SE Sunday April 16

Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

Photos by Linda Galvao

Photos by Geraldine Fowler (Below)


SE Sunday April 9

Musician Michael Zsoldos was here to work on “Music as a Spiritual Practice” with the kids. We are learning “Spirit of Life” and “This Little Light of Mine”. The children will be performing during Step-Up Day in early June. Out next music session/rehearsal will be May 14th.

SE Sunday April 2 and Mother Up! Lobby Day April 4th

On Sunday, Change The World Kids were with us. This month was our turn to talk about what Social Action we as the North Chapel children are participating in. We discussed the Mother Up! Lobby Day some of the children were attending and also spent time working on a visual aid to show all the incredible opportunities happening in our Spiritual Exploration for Children and Families Group.

On Tuesday April 4th the North Chapel SE program collaborated with  Mother Up to learn legislative process, meet government officials, and support the lobby for environmental justice.  Some highlights include: We met and spoke with Alison Clarkson (VT State Senator for Windsor County) at lunch and met Charlie Kimball (Representative for Windsor 5 Woodstock, Reading and Plymouth) following our official welcoming into the House of Representatives. We also met with Lt. Governor David Zuckerman in his office with other Mother Up folks from all over Vermont. He gave motivating heartfelt talk about his values and the process of making our values known at the state house.

He encouraged everyone to call their representatives and introduce themselves and build a relationship and then discuss what is important to us and why.

Mother Up! is a program of 350VT bringing together families to talk about the tough realities of climate change and to participate in the transition to a healthier and safer world. What Joanna Macy calls the “Great Turning,” or the third revolution, is this unprecedented time where we are called to stop the destruction of our world, to build new life-sustaining practices and ways of being, and to shift our collective consciousness. We especially wish to engage young parents in this vital discussion of how we can make positive change.  Learn more at Mother Up!

SE Sunday March 26: Art as a Spiritual Practice with Ben and Murray at ArtisTree

Sunday had a wonderful eight-fold crew ready to share, play, and  create in the ‘spirit’ of spiritual exploration! Murray led a creative arts project which hopefully will complement an upcoming worship service. We’re looking forward to melting snow and starting in on the CWTKR garden outside Artistree.

SE Sunday March 19: Music as a Spiritual Practice with Michael Zsoldos

SE Sunday March 12 & Story Yoga Time with Angel at the NWPL March 9th


SE Sunday February 26
Expressive arts at ArtisTree with Murray

SE during the week of February 8-14

We had an extraordinary week! Guided Meditation with JJ on Tuesday, CTWK dinner on Wednesday (check out that view of our back yard on Wednesday evening). The SE table was full and great fun and conversation among parents and children. On Thursday we had adult yoga with Phoebe followed by our Story and Yoga Time with Angel outreach at the NWPL. Sunday was spectacular – celebrating Valentines Day and Love with gifts and cards from the congregation (Thank you).

SE with CTWK: February 5 2017

Change The World Kids were here to talk to the SE children about their continue work on reforesting Bosque para Siempre, a biological corridor critical for the three-wattled bellbird and neotropical migrant songbirds. Jason guided the children into thinking about the importance of nature to them and to think and draw a picture of a time that they have connected to nature. We enjoyed a really lively conversation full of great questions from the children about the reforesting, local birds, migration and more.

SE at ArtisTree: January 29 2017

Ben and Murray had a great turnout of kids on Sunday for SE. The children did a short guided imagery, drumming circle and art project together.

SE Outreach: Story & Yoga Time at the NWPL: January 12 2017

Children’s SE: Christmas Eve Service


Children’s SE: Music Exploration with Michael Zsoldos

Children’s SE: October 30 & MotherUp!

Children’s SE: October 23
It was a nice turn out today of SE at Artistree on this first day of light snow! The older CTWKR’s (Change The World Kids Rising) learned about leading their younger peers through a group drum session while the latter explored ‘spirit’ meaning through art. The CTWKR’s were surprised how readily a steady rhythm calmed and focused their peers. Their intentional eagerness to learn and take responsibility is wonderful to behold. We hope that they can continue to use the creative process to do so soulfully.
Until next time- Sincerely, 
Ben & Murray

Children’s SE: October 16 2016
CHaD Run4Ryland

Children’s SE: October 9 2016
Visit to the Buddhist Tea House in S. Woodstock.
Our Walking Group ventured further than normal on Tuesday 10/11 and went up to The Pogue on Mt. Tom. A great walk with incredible views.

Children’s SE: October 2 2016
ArtisTree: Harvesting the ArtisTree/Change The World Kids Garden for the Food Shelf and Root Cellar. Some 6th Grader TPVS students stayed in the sanctuary to hear teacher Mr. Hanson’s Reflection.

Children’s SE: September 25 2016
ArtisTree: Spiritual art via art hoop of basic elements of the mind/body/soul.

Children’s SE: September 18 2016
“Rites of Passage” and Ritual

Children’s SE: September 11 2016
Welcome Back!

Children’s RE: November 1st 2015
Helping Hearts with CTWK for 4-6th graders
Gods Eyes with K-3

Children’s RE: October 11th – Teacher Dedication

Children’s RE: CTWK – Justice Garden Harvesting October 4th 2015

Children’s RE Begins! September 13 2015

Daniels Celebration and Farewell Service
Saturday June 27th and Sunday June 28th

Sunday June 21st
Step Up Day

Sunday June 14th
Change The World Kids – Rising

Photos from our Mother’s Day Performance 05/10/2015