Photos 2017

Sunday December 31

The audio version of Rev. Leon’s Reflection titled Blow Out!!!—A UU New Year’s Eve Disco Party Bash!! is now available online.

Sunday December 24

The audio version of Rev. Leon’s Reflection titled Christmas Eve from the Christmas Eve 10am service is now available online. 

Thank you Wendy and Geraldine for some images for images from the 6PM Candlelight Christmas Eve Service.

Sunday December 17

The audio version of Rev. Leon’s Reflection titled “The Solstice Turns the Starwheel Forward and Never Back” is now available online.

The SE Children had a great Christmas Eve Children’s Choir Rehearsal with Michael Zsoldos.

Sunday December 10

The audio version of Rev. Leon’s Reflection titled “Reason for Waiting” is now available online.

A big THANK YOU To Mark and Gina Auriema for the donation of this year’s Christmas Tree! Thanks also to Gina, George Wohlgemuth and Don Ransom for cutting the tree and trucking it to the church. Thanks also go to our lovely wreath makers Gina Auriema, Ann Dean, Donna Durgin, Polly Forcier, Fran Lancaster, Martha Leonard, Pru Schuler and Vassie Sinopoulos and to Friday’s Sanctuary Decorating Team Vassie, Zoe Potter, Fran, Pru and Donna.

Thank you to Eugene Friesen for bringing Cello by Candlelight back into our Sanctuary again this year!

In SE We spoke about the joy of giving during the Holidays and spoke about what we could give that does not cost money. The children made “coupon books” and Tree Ornaments.

Sunday December 3

Thank you to Kevin Geiger for offering his reflection titled “The Ties That Bind“. Our altar was adorned with one of the beautiful North Chapel Wreaths that we are selling. As of December 4th, with less than two weeks left in our Canvass, we have received 61 pledges representing 88 people for $103,675 of the $160,000 goal.  Thank you to those who made these pledges taking us to 65% of our goal.  If you haven’t submitted your pledge yet, please do so by December 17th, the date of our potluck lunch celebrating the attainment of our goal.

Sunday November 26

The children had a wonderful time during their Tea-Making Workshop with Anne Dean.  Tea was made using the herbs from our own Permaculture Garden. Our tea making was then rewarded with a tea-party complete with tea we just made and holiday cookies!

After the service, a number of folks and kids stayed to decorate wreaths. My favorite part was the spontaneous singing of Christmas carols to really get us in the mood!

Sunday November 19

Our Wreath Sale is in full swing. North Chapel was at the Woodstock Winter Farmers Market decorating and selling wreaths. Please contact Elizabeth at if you are able to help decorate or sell wreaths or if you would like to purchase wreaths.

During the service on Sunday, we acknowledged the end our commitment to the North Chapel House at Life & Hope Association. Special thanks to Chris and Barbara Bartlett for leading this initiative for over 10 years. CLICK HERE to listen to the audio version of this acknowledgement.

On Sunday, Rev. Dr. Leon Dunkley offered his reflection titled “Cafe Gratitude”. You can listen to the audio version of this HERE!

Sunday November 12

Thank you Diane Mellinger for the beautiful altar decoration. Also a big thank you to Michael Zsoldos who kicked off the Christmas Eve Children’s Choir Rehearsals on Sunday during SE. We had a great time becoming familiar with the songs!

On Wednesday the 15th November, Elizabeth Daniels was on hand to accept our WREATHS!!! Woo Hoo. We will be selling at the Woodstock Winter Farmers Market on Saturday from 10-1, after church this Sunday and following Sunday’s! Visit our website for more info!

Saturday Nov 4, Sunday Nov 5 and Tuesday Nov 7

Thanks to all who made our 81st Annual Red Flannel Hash Supper such a success.

On Sunday the SE Kids joined Change The World Kids in getting the “Holiday Hearts Initiative” underway. This is a program that helps bring holiday gifts to those in need in our community. We also had a great turnout to our Committee Cafe on Tuesday Nov 7th. Thank you Polly and crew for another delicious dinner!

Sorry, due to a malfunction with our sound recording system, our service on Sunday November 5th was not recorded. During the service, Neil Marinello shared “What North Chapel Means To Me” and has been asked to share this with the community.

Sunday October 29

Did you miss Rev. Lyons reflection on Sunday October 29th? If so, the audio version is now available online. Beware of the Dragon—Reflections on Halloween a Reflection by Rev. Dr. Leon Dunkley.

Thursday October 26 – Sunday October 29 – Scenes from Puerto Rico

Geraldine Fowler, our Church Administrator and Spiritual Exploration & Outreach Coordinator visited Puerto Rico to assess the damage first hand. Here are some of the images.

Sunday October 22 – CHaD

Words can not adequately express the amount of love that could be felt for the children and community during the day of the CHaD Hero’s event. 26 North Chapel participants (11 adults and 15 children). Registration costs for the North Chapel were $625 and a fundraising minimum of $800 needed to be met – therefore a total of close to $1500 was needed for all to participate. To date we are just $59 short of our goal but money is still coming in! (Due to some technical glitches with money allocation we did raise an additional $200 that goes to Team Run4Ryland but can’t be accounted for on our particular goal).

Thank you to everyone who helped make this such a successful and heartfelt campaign and a great time spent together as family alongside friends. But thanks most especially to the children for wanting to commit to making this happen and largely leading the fundraising initiatives such as the Bake Sale and the Pancake Breakfast. They took on real ownership for this to happen and they did more than succeed.

Before the race started we gathered the children all together and we recited our Opening Words “We believe in truth, We believe in love, We believe in helping others, This is our life search”.  Jess and I spoke to the children about what an incredible job they have done in making this event happen for our families and thanked them for a great job done fundraising. We once again reiterated that the funds go to help those who are patients at CHaD and their families and so importantly help honor the memory of Ryland. I hope the children are really proud of their accomplishments.

A couple of take aways from the day! There was a child who found out about CHaD on the Friday evening before Sundays big event. He really wanted to participate so he created a “Go Fund Me” page and raised a quick $125 to cover fundraising goals and then worked for his grandfather to make the additional $25 registration fee!

For many children this was their first 5K race and I think many fell in love with it. Already there is talk with some parents to get the kids signed up for the Zacks Place Turkey Trot!

In our SE Joys and Concerns, each week many of the children express joy over raising these funds for a cause such as CHaD and Run4Ryland!

Sunday October 22

Did you miss Rev. Leon’s reflection on Sunday? Or would you like to take another listen? The audio version is now available online. October 22nd: Being At One with Hosea Ballou by Rev. Dr. Leon Dunkley.

Thank you to Peg Brightman for the lovely altar decorations.

And WOW!! Linda and I were blown away this morning (Wednesday 10/25) when we saw how many coats have been donated in this one week. Coats are currently being delivered to The Haven. Thank you all so very much. As Linda Galvao said today “We have an awesome community”- she is correct. Thank you all so much!

Sunday October 15

Did you miss Rev. Leon’s reflection on Sunday? Or would you like to take another listen? The audio version is now available online. October 15th: Bells for Old John Brown by Rev. Dr. Leon Dunkley.

Thank you to all the people who helped make our SE Pancake Breakfast a huge success.

On Thursday the SE Walking Group enjoyed beautiful views from Mt. Peg.

Sunday October 8

Did you miss Rev. Leon’s reflection on Sunday? Or would you like to take another listen? The audio version is now available online. October 8th: Which Roads Guide My Feet to Puerto Rico by Rev. Dr. Leon Dunkley.

Thank you to Linda Galvao for the lovely flowers that decorated the Altar. Thanks also go to Western Wind for filling our sanctuary and building with beautiful music on Sunday and throughout the long weekend.

SE Children had a great time creating decorations for our Pancake Breakfast happening on October 15th between 9-10am. Hope you can all join us for the breakfast which will be a fundraiser for the CHaD Hero’s Run4Ryland Team!

Sunday October 1

Did you miss Rev. Leon’s reflection on Sunday? Or would you like to take another listen? The audio version is now available online. October 1: Fearless Love—Reflecting on Forgiveness, Atonement and Engagement by Rev. Dr. Leon Dunkley.

The children joined CTWK at ArtisTree and harvested the Food Justice Gardens. Many many pounds of food that will be donated now to the Woodstock Food Shelf and others that will be stored in the Root Cellar for distribution throughout the winter! A huge thank you to all the children and the CTWK who came out to help.

Thank you to Sharon Blake for the beautiful altar decoration of locally made fairy houses!

Sunday September 24th

Did you miss Rev. Leon’s reflection on Sunday? Or would you like to take another listen? The audio version is now available online. September 24: The Rite of Spring She Loved the Most Would End in Late-October by Rev. Dr. Leon Dunkley.

Thank you to the SE children for a very successful Bake Sale to help us raise funds for the CHaD Hero’s Run4Ryland Team! Also a big thank you to all the parents who helped out and to all the people who baked and supported this predominantly child-led fundraiser.

We hope you get a chance to walk around the gardens on our grounds. Everyday it is filled with so much beauty and signs of fall!

Wednesday September 20th & Thursday September 21st

Story and Yoga Time at the NWPL with Angel – Wednesdays at 10:30am. A HUGE Thank you to Naomi and Michael Malik for hosting our Welcome Rev. Leon Potluck Wednesday night! Thank you to all who were able to make it! What a glorious night!

Walking Group met this morning at 8:30am and we hiked to the top of Mt. Peg. A lovely walk with breathtaking views! If any of you are around on Thursday mornings at 8:30am please feel free to stop by the North Chapel and join us! Childcare is available. In the winter, we will be doing yoga with Phoebe!

Sunday September 17th

Thank you to Phyllis Phyllis Arata-Meyers offered her moving reflection titled “No One Can Do Everything, but Everyone Can Do Something – Growing Up Change The World Kids“. Thank you Pru Schuler for the lovely Altar decorations.

Saturday September 16th: Life and Hope Dinner and a Show

Sunday September 10th

On Sunday September 10th, Rev. Dr. Leon Dunkley offered his Reflection titled “The Rite of Joy”. The audio version of “The Rite of Joy is now available online. We welcomed the children back to our Spiritual Exploration Programming with a “Welcome Back Bash”. We enjoyed time outside with snacks and great conversation sharing our joys and concerns. The children enjoyed some time catching leaves, playing in the river out back and being entertained by our CTWK Aidan with card tricks.

Later in the evening, CTWK hosted their annual Para la Tierra dinner at the Woodstock Country Club. North Chapel SE kids who are now CTWK’s, Forest Yeager, Aidan Reed and CTWK Rising Alexis-Maree Reed were on hand to help out during the dinner.

Do you have a child in Middle or High School student that would like to join CTWK? Email!

Sunday September 3rd

On Sunday September 3rd, Rev. Dr. Leon Dunkley offered his first Reflection as our Settled Minister. The audio version of “Beginnings” is now available online. Thank you Anne Dean for the gorgeous floral arrangement on our altar.