Videos about Life and Hope Association

On Vimeo, you can watchChildren’s Development Village, 2011,Produced by Anne Macksoud and John Ankele of Old Dog Documentaries of Woodstock, Vermont, USA.

This video will introducing you to some of the staff and children who live in one of the houses at LHA’s Children’s Development Village. The house is supported by people in the Woodstock, Vermont community. Viewing time is about 7 minutes.

On YouTube, you can view Life and Hope Association (L.H.A), a video about LHA’s programs. Produced by Alex Coveney of the UK, in 2014.

This video gives a broad understanding of the scope of what LHA is doing to give future opportunities to the youth in the Siem Reap area of Cambodia. It takes about 22 minutes to view in its entirety.

On YouTube, if you visit Uploads from Life and Hope Association (LHA) , you will have the opportunity to view scores of video clips about LHA, uploaded by Ven. Somnieng Houern, its Executive Director.