Volunteer Committees

Resource Development

Jobs / duties / activities: Fund raising, budget, canvass, investments, endowment, trustees of funds, the Summer Fair.
Meets in the library room after church service on the first Sunday of the month.
Mission Statement: To support, maintain and increase the basis of financial health for the church.
Contact: Karen Wolk


Jobs / duties / activities: Compile Quest newsletter, organize New Member UU classes, orient and engage new members at least once a year, communicate with all who attend and members who cannot, schedule altar decoration responsibilities, greet attendees at the Sunday service, and update member directory and membership list.
Meets in the office at 5:3pm on the first Tuesday of the month.
Mission Statement: To welcome and invite new members, to maintain and encourage church membership.
Contact: Sherry Belisle

Worship & Music

Jobs / duties / activities: Scheduling lay-led Sundays, consulting and assisting with all worship in the church, resource for creation of services. Nourish musical needs; encourage participation; channel feedback and requests; coordinate with Worship Committee, Choir, Organist, and Minister for varied and meaningful services.
Meets in the library room at 5:15 pm on the first Tuesday of each month.
Mission Statement: To enhance and extend the quality of worship.
Contact: Anne Macksoud

Religious Exploration

Jobs / duties / activities: Curriculum selection, support of teachers, planning of special events, child care, adult education.
Meets in the nursery room after church service on the first Sunday of each month.
Mission Statement: To provide lifespan religious education that promotes personal growth, respect, tolerance, and reverence.
Contact:  Hope Yeager and Daniel Jantos

Buildings and Grounds

Jobs / duties / activities: To see to the physical needs of the church and of the parsonage. The Building and Grounds Committee is a standing volunteer committee whose mission is to preserve and improve the physical plant and grounds of the church and the parsonage. It has an unlimited number of members, usually between five and ten, with no fixed terms. There is usually one Board member as liaison. The Chair of the committee is chosen by the committee members annually, and has no fixed term. Meetings are held monthly, currently on the first Tuesday of the month, although special meetings may be held as needed. The Sexton or Sextons if they are in residence in the parsonage are non voting members of he committee. The committee elects a Secretary annually, who is responsible for recording the minutes of the meetings and for sending them to the members and to the Office Manager to reproduce for their monthly Board of Trustee meetings.

Before every Annual Meeting, the committee prepares a list of projects that are needed to maintain or improve the buildings and grounds, together with an estimate of the cost of the projects, for the Finance Committee to present to the annual meeting. When this list is approved by the Board of Trustees as part of their budget preparation, the committee selects individuals and businesses to carry out the required work. When a major expense is involved, the committee gets a minimum of three bids, but is not bound to the lowest bidder. The annual budget can be exceeded if emergency repairs are needed. In that case, the Chair of the Buildings and Grounds Committee notifies the Minister or the Chair of the Board of Trustees that an emergency condition exists that either threatens extensive personal or property damage or will seriously impair the ability of North Chapel to function unless it is repaired immediately. With the approval of the Board the repair may then be made, and the cost is announced from the pulpit and listed in the Quest and the weekly newsletter.

The committee is responsible for setting rates for rentals of any part of the property and for negotiating terms for long term leases ( as, for example, the Nursery School). Building and Grounds is also responsible for determining rental policy and prices with the approval of the Board of Trustees ( such as maximum number of participants, special activities allowed, and use of alcohol). The committee also works with the Sextons to determine the regular and special activities of the Sextons, and oversees the work the Sextons do to insure it fits within the terms of their contract. The committee is responsible for advertising for and choosing a new Sexton or Sextons on an as needed basis.

Meets in the social hall at 6:30 pm on the first Tuesday of each month.
Mission Statement: To preserve and improve the physical plant and grounds of the church and the parsonage.
Contact: Jack Nelson


Jobs / duties / activities: Maintain and update the North Chapel web site; edit and publish the weekly electronic newsletter, In Touch; publish notices of special events as necessary.
Mission Statement: To facilitate communication among North Chapel members which is current, informative, and accurate.
Contact: Deb Rice