Our Future in Focus

In June 2014, our North Chapel Board launched a planning process to help the church community reach agreement about a direction for our collective future.  Out of the many engaging and reflective conversations that occurred throughout the fall, several areas of focus emerged.  In brief, our community agreed to:

  • CELEBRATE what we do well.
  • BROADEN our reach, so that we welcome and engage all.
  • DEEPEN our connections to each other and to our own spiritual lives.
  • COMMIT to respond actively to the climate crisis.
  • ORGANIZE the work of the church efficiently and constructively.

You can read more about the planning process here. 

North Chapel Future: Full Report

North Chapel Future: Executive Summary

North Chapel Future: Next Steps

Although the board had intended to hold a community meeting this June to update everyone on progress, we have decided to postpone that conversation until September, in light of ALL the activities that are happening this month, including our celebration of and send-off for Daniel.

In the meantime, we think it’s fair to say that the North Chapel is very much focused on its future and taking steps to realize many of the important ideas put forth by the community. Even if the details are not settled—after all, this is a three-to-five-year process—much productive activity is underway to sharpen the vision of where we are headed together.  Some highlights….

  • Barbara Bartlett and Rick Fiske are heading up a new committee that will focus on enhancing our approach to welcoming and engaging each person, especially those who are new among us.
  • Richard Schramm is taking the lead to help us build “circles of trust” through various kinds of small-group engagements.
  • Anne Dean and Chris Bartlett have convened a task force to explore how to make our building carbon neutral and to ensure that our physical space supports the kinds of activities we currently engage in or want to encourage.
  • Peg Brightman, Brooke Beaird, and Peggy Kannenstine have begun discussions with parents and others concerned about enriching and expanding religious exploration for children and youth.
  • Daniel has helped to strengthen the North Chapel’s collaboration with the many groups in the broader community that are active in responding to the climate crisis. And B&G is taking the lead to be certain that the church conforms to new Vermont recycling regulations. Plus, the permaculture initiative continues to flourish, including a lively series of how-to workshops offered in May.

We invite you to please stay tuned and join in!  And, as always, reach for any of us on the North Chapel Board if you would like to know more or to become involved.