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From: Bob Williamson at GunSenseVT

Bob Williamson of GunSenseVT asked me to forward this:

A number of folks came up to me after church yesterday, asking what they might do to help the chances of those gun violence prevention bills in Montpelier.

We’re one vote away from passing S.6 out of Senate Judiciary. S.6 would require a background check on any transfer or sale of firearm unless it’s with an immediate family member. I urge you to contact Alice Nitka, our only State Senator from Windsor County who’s not a co-sponsor of S.6 & who opposed stronger background checks three years ago. Alice serves in Senate Judiciary, she’s is a conscientious lawmaker who listens to all sides, she spent more than 30 years as a social worker, and she also chairs the Vermont Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus. Here’s her contact information:

email:; or;
regular mail: P. O. Box 136, Ludlow, VT. 05149;
home phone #: 802-228-8432;
or thru the Sergeant-at-Arms in the Statehouse: 802-828-2228.

I’m mailing a letter today to Alice because that’s the most significant way to get the attention of lawmakers, but those personal emails make an impression. I’ve copied my letter below in a Postscript. Thanks for your interest and consideration.


Bob Williamson

P.S. And here’s my letter to Alice:

229 Quartz Mountain Way
South Woodstock, VT. 05071
February 4, 2018

Dear Senator Alice Nitka,

Many thanks again for holding the Jan. 30th public hearing on the three gun violence prevention bills: S.6, S.221, and H.422. As I said in my earlier email thank-you note, I was especially appreciative of the tone of civility you and your colleagues set, which permeated the House Chamber and facilitated a thoughtful discussion.

I encourage you to support all three bills. Each will make Vermonters safer. As you know, half of our state’s homicides are domestic violence, and 57% of those murders are carried out with a firearm (Source: State of Vermont Domestic Violence Fatality Review Commission Report for 2015)). In the 19 states that require background checks on private gun sales, there’s a 38% drop in women killed by their intimate partners.

Clearly women live with this lethal threat, which explains why nearly all the folks speaking up for the three bills on Jan. 30th were women (see the enclosed letter from the Feb. 3rd VALLEY NEWS).

Thank you for your thoughtful attention and for all you do on behalf of the citizens of our state.


Bob Williamson

 Tech Tuesdays at the Norman Williams Public Library, 4 pm to 6 pm

Free one-one help with technology. Computer basics; how to use an e-reader, get a free email address, download e-books and audiobooks, start a blog, learn HTML, FTP, CGI or JavaScript, Word or Excel. To set up an appointment, please contact the library at 457-2295