Church Notices

Pastoral Care Hours Next Week!

Please note that due to scheduling conflicts, Rev. Gwen Groff’s hours will be different this coming week. Gwen will be in the office on Wednesday and Thursday from 10am to 1pm instead of Tuesday and Thursday. As always, should you wish to make an appointment to speak with Gwen you can contact her through the office or email her directly at

Its Almost Time For Pizza Nights!!

Longer days means time to think about enjoying the pizza oven in our backyard!  For those who did not know before, the idea of building the oven came up during a covenant group meeting. Someone had offered former minister Daniel Jantos some firebricks and he not only knew how to build such an oven, he also loved the idea of people gathering to share the food and fire. The result is an oven that has produced many yummy beautiful pizzas, and created a venue for a Wednesday evening tradition in the summer months, as people drop in after 5:30 and participate in building and baking pizzas or flatbreads while mingling and chatting with new and old friends . The oven may be used by anyone at other times by arrangement with the office, for specific groups or events. Several members have become really good at fire building, some have their own techniques for dough handling or bring their favorite toppings and some just like experimenting. This year we would like to get input now from anyone who has been to a pizza night about what you would like to see happen at the oven this summer! General comments and suggestions about how to organize either regular or special pizza nights are welcome.

Carols Dough Workshop

Carol is willing to teach a group of us to each make a 5lb batch of dough and freeze the portions for future use, whether for rebaked shells or fresh dough, perhaps  after church on a Sunday? Please contact Geraldine in the office if you would like to be part of Carol’s Dough Workshop! Which Sundays would work? What would you need to make it work, anything from help with childcare to rides? Let us know!

Search Committee Wrap-Up and Thanks to All

The Ministerial Search Committee has happily wrapped up our work after a great candidate week, and our successful vote on April 30 to call Rev. Leon Dunkley as our next Settled Minister. We worked hard, but we couldn’t have done it without the help of many people in our congregation. The Search Committee wishes to thank the Task Force, and in turn the Task Force thanks the volunteers who helped to make our Candidate Week so successful.

  • Task Force: Don Ransom, Judy Williamson, Polly Forcier, Geraldine Fowler, Anne Dean, Marcia Peterson, Angel Rubino
  • Hosts of Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners: Susan Inui & Don Ransom, Lynn & Nancy Peterson, Rick & Kathy Fiske, Judy Williamson, Marcia Peterson, Matt Friedman & Gayle Smith, Chris & Barbara Bartlett, Jack Nelson & Polly Forcier, Naomi & Michael Malik, Richard Schramm & Peg Brightman
  • Church Tour: Don Ransom, Joan Harvey
  • Woodstock Tour: Angel Rubino, Linda Galvao
  • Buddhist Teahouse Visit: Pritam Sing & Family, Angel Rubino
  • Pizza Night Coordinator: Deborah Rice
  • Picture-Taker & Poster-Maker: Wendy Ann Smith
  • Climate March/Vigil Coordinators: Polly Forcier, Jay Kelly, Renee Grainger, Peg Brightman
  • Support and Help Whenever Needed: Geraldine Fowler, Susan Inui, Denise Lyons
  • Volunteers at Pizza Night and Potluck Dinner: Carol Egbert, Zoe Potter, Jay Kelly, Renee Grainger, Tambrey Vutech, Chris Lloyd, Hope Yeager, Rhoda Moore, Karen Chalom, Ralph & Fran Lancaster, Mary Jean Taylor, Lynn Murrell, Danelle Sims, Gail Owens

And a special thank you to all 98 people who voted on Sunday, April 30!

Moving Spirt Dancers

On Sunday 4/23/2017, Moving Spirit Dancers performed at the North Chapel. Here is a copy of Peg Brightman Poem that was read by Judith Taylor and some photos from the dances.

Moving Spirit Dancers are: Nicole Conte, Molly Grover, Suzy Malerich, & Hope Yeager. Choreographer: Peg Brightman

Primavera  Comes

Lightly she descends–
her feet move toward us,
over the crest of the Vermont hills.

In her footsteps
spring vernal pools;
in her hair are golden
willow twigs,
tangled goldfinches
with black-barred wings

As she passes,
her breath breathes early violets
and crushed grass, mixed
with notes of woodsmoke and diesel.
She skirts the dusty tractor
tilting down by the brook;
the hem of her garment trails
tin cans and gum wrappers.

At night the peepers sing her coming
in diminishing chorus
Harmonizing with a faint police siren
from the next valley.

Stars are her sprinkled diadem,
Milky Way flowing slow as time,
through black cutouts of trees;
outshown by streetlights.

Tattered, rain-blown, discouraged,
still she comes to us,
Arms scattering lilacs.

By Peg Brightman (2016)


Raindrop Fantasy

Primavera Comes

Looking For A Few Willing Volunteers…..

The Permaculture Garden REALLY needs on going volunteer help during the Spring, Summer and Fall. We would love to have some volunteers to manage a small section of the garden they can call their own. A 10′ by 10′ patch would take about a 1/2 hour a week to manage. We will guide you in whatever way would help get you going. Bring a friend and spend even less time. You could spend 1/2 an hour a week to manage. We will guide you in whatever way would help get you going. Bring a friend and spend even less time. You could spend 1/2 an hour after church and make a major contribution to our environment and our Church Community. Besides it’s fun and rewarding! Please contact Anne Dean at 457-3889 or

Silent Warriors – Help for the Homeless

With the coming of spring, the local warming shelter at The Haven will close for the year.  This means many Upper Valley homeless citizens will be looking for shelter in the woods.  It is Silent Warriors mission to help provide them with basic camping gear.

Silent Warriors are always looking for sleeping bags, tents with folding poles only (no metal), tarps, wool blankets and other camping equipment. They also need financial support to purchase single burner cook stoves, propane, headlamps, tarps etc.

Many of us have camping equipment tucked away in closets, attics, or basements that we haven’t used in… how many years now? This is a great way to combine de-cluttering with donating to a great non-profit, as well as folks who can really use a hand!  Donations may be mailed to Silent Warriors at 3 Margery Rd, Enfield, NH 03748. To donate camping items for pick-up in the Woodstock area, contact Linda Galvao at or at 603 233-4894.  If you prefer, they’ll pick up directly – 603-443-7637.  But I’d prefer to be able to fill a car, between the North Chapel and Congregation Shir Shalom, and perhaps have some of the kids join in delivering the items.

Thank you for supporting Silent Warriors and making this organization so helpful for our homeless citizens. To watch a four minute video showing what they do, click here:

North Chapel Children Join Mother Up! Lobby Day at the Vermont State House

On April 4, 2017, a group of parents and children who attend the North Chapel Unitarian Universalist Church in Woodstock, VT participated in the Mother Up! Lobby Day at the Vermont State Capital.  Mother Up! is an initiative of 350VT that aims to engage Vermont parents and families in the broader effort of addressing climate change and environmental degradation.  The purpose of Lobby Day was to give voice to these pressing concerns and advocate for legislative action.

Participating families had a rich, educational experience that included a tour of the State House and meetings with local representatives Alison Clarkson and Charlie Kimball and LT. Governor David Zuckerman.  These meetings affirmed the importance of political engagement and advocacy around environmental issues.  Zuckerman highlighted the successful lobbying efforts for GMO labeling in VT, and the power of respectful, organized, persistent action.

In addition to these meetings, there was an opportunity to observe the legislative process in action by witnessing the discussion of four environmental protection bills.  Maeve McBride, Director of 350VT, gave professional testimony.  The children also learned about a program for eight graders whereby they can serve as pagers for six weeks, becoming educated and involved in the daily operations at the capital and receiving a stipend for their work.

Ultimately, Lobby Day inspired participants to actively communicate with state representatives, become more involved with local organizations and initiatives, and maintain sound environmental practices on a daily basis at home and at school.  For more information, visit or contact the North Chapel in Woodstock.

Social Justice Action Forum

A NEW SOCIAL JUSTICE ACTION FORUM  has been created as part of our North Chapel website, with the support of the Board. Our goal is to encourage active participation in local, regional, and national events, to share information about causes, action opportunities, organizations and publications – all related to upholding our Seven UU Principles.

We invite you to visit this page on the NUCS website. Click Here! Please forward any new posting information to Peg Brightman ( and/or Veronica DeLay ( For the Events Calendar please include the  following info: Date, Title of Event, Time, Location, Cost (if any) Brief Description,  and Contact info.

Altar Decoration

Sherry is looking for people to decorate our altar this month and next. If you would be willing, see her at church, give her a call 457-1919 or email her at

Announcement about Spiritual Themes Second Quarter 2017

In the coming year, the NUCS Worship Committee seeks to cultivate greater spiritual continuity by establishing monthly themes to guide future services. These broad themes, which have intentionally been expressed in expansive language with plenty of room for exploration and interpretation, are designed to reflect the essence of each season, drawing our attention to topics and concepts that naturally emerge as the year progresses. You are all invited to review the proposed themes and to consider how they resonate with your personal experience. If you or someone you know might be able to bring us on journeys through these territories, please contact a member of the Worship Committee.

May: Creativity and Expression

The blooming of nature around us often opens gateways for personal expression.  Regardless of your art or craft, your drive to create may find new zeal.  We hope to relish the abundance of creativity around us and explore the many ways in which people express themselves in the world, possibly even assisting those of us who feel stifled or blocked to find new ways of accessing our creative potential.

June: Exploration and the Natural World

When spring transitions into summer, our landscape reveals its full, lush glory.  The inner child may be drawn to break out of routine, explore the natural world, and discover treasures that await us on the road less traveled.  This month, we hope to explore how engaging with nature and responding to an inherent call for adventure or even pilgrimage are often central to one’s personal spiritual journey.

Advanced Care Directive Clinic 

Monday, 1:00 – 3:00 pm, by appointment

Would your loved ones know your wishes about medical care if you were unable to speak for yourself? There is a legal document called an Advance Directive that you can complete to give guidelines about your wishes and appoint someone to represent you if you are not able. The Thompson Center hasa trained and caring volunteer on site every Monday from 1pm – 3pm. These volunteers will take the time to explain both the document and the simple process used to make your wishes known.  The most important part of this process is talking to those you love about what matters most to you. You can call 457-3277 to schedule an appointment.

The Rev. Is In!

Starting Thursday, September 1st, the Rev. Gwen Groff will begin her service as Pastoral Care Minister at the North Chapel. Gwen will be available for general pastoral counseling and support, crisis counseling, hospital visits, and end-of-life discussions.

Gwen will be at the North Chapel and available for drop-in conversations or scheduled appointments during her office hours: Tuesdays and Fridays from 9am to 1pm. Gwen will also be available for the equivalent of another day weekly to visit people at home, in the hospital, or elsewhere—at mutually convenient times. You can reach Gwen via email at or via the confidential telephone line at (802) 457-1786 or via the North Chapel office at (802) 457-2557 or

Click here to listen to Gwen’s recent Sunday reflection, given at the North Chapel on August 28, titled “What we know by heart.”

Gwen’s door is open and she is available—you be the one to take the next step!

Coffee Hour – Food Needed

In order for more participants to have an opportunity to participate in coffee hour, we are asking congregants as a whole to contribute snack items for coffee hour if and when they can.  Committees will still be assigned a month to facilitate coffee hour, but the main duty will be to make and prepare the coffee and tea. The previous format was very labor and cost intensive especially for the smaller committees so with this new way, we are hoping to extend the invitation to contribute to all who can!

Please also note that clean up help is always appreciated and open to anyone willing and able to help. Many hands make light work!

Sunday Morning Greeters

The Welcoming and Engagement Committee has been welcoming everyone who enters North Chapel each Sunday and is now reaching out to church members who may be interested in serving as a designated greeter. This is a wonderful way to manifest our commitment to be an intentionally welcoming congregation. Any individuals or families interested in becoming a designated greeter are encouraged to contact Rick & Kathy Fiske at:, or

Important Parking Notice:

We recognize that parking is sometimes at a premium. Please be aware that the Fire Marshal requires that NO PARKING can be permitted anywhere in or along either side of the ENTIRE church driveway under any circumstances or at any time, nor can the driveway entrance at the street be blocked.

Emergency vehicles would be unable to reach the rear building if parked cars are in these areas. Thank you,  The Buildings & Grounds Committee

Invitation for Altar Decorations

Those who would like to decorate the altar are asked to contact Sherry at 457 1919 or

Clearness Committee

Are you struggling with an important issue that you could use clarity on?  Then consider being a “focus person” in a clearness committee of people you trust who ask you open and honest questions to help you gain clarity around that issue. The process takes about two hours and is entirely confidential. For more information about clearness committees and/or to see about setting up a committee for yourself, please contact Geraldine (, Richard ( or Veronica (

Community Food Shelf Collection– on the first Sunday of every month.

“With gratitude and reverence for all life, we savor food mindful of all that has contributed to it. We commit ourselves to a more equitable sharing of the earth’s bounty,” says the UUA. Mindful of those who are food challenged we ask for your contributions to the Woodstock Food Shelf. Please contribute on the first Sunday of the month with food or to the offering plate with a check to the Woodstock Food Shelf. We do make a difference. Thanks for your help.

The Woodstock Community Food Shelf is located at 2176 Maxham Meadow Way, Woodstock. Phone 457-1185. Donations of cash are also much appreciated. Non-perishable or cash donations may be dropped off on the Sundays when we are planning a food collection, can be taken directly to the Food Shelf or you can donate funds right here and now at  Here is a shopping list containing the top 10 most needed items:

pasta and spaghetti sauce hot and cold cereal canned tuna canned soups and stews (preferable low sodium) canned fruit and vegetables (preferably low sugar and low salt) peanut butter, jam, and jelly coffee and tea cheese coffee baked beans boxed macaroni & cheese toilet paper

Food can also be dropped off at locations around Woodstock including Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Church, the Christian Science Church (when the flag is out), the Congregational Church, Lake Sunapee Bank, the Unitarian Universalist Church, St. James Episcopal Church and the Woodstock Area Jewish Congregation Shir Shalom. Food can also be dropped off at Teago Store in Pomfret. To contact the food shelf, call (802) 457-1185. One can mail checks to Woodstock Community Food Shelf, PO Box 570, Woodstock, VT 05091. Thanks. You can leave a note in the crate or with Geraldine what you donated and where. It will count.

Recycle – Reuse!The Change the World Kids are collecting used cell phones. Please place them in a bag with any accessories you might have and leave in the church office. Please, this does not include old cordless landline phones! The used cell phones are donated to WISE, a women’s shelter in W Lebanon, NH.

Change the World Kids also are accepting your used ink jet cartridges for recycling. Please drop them off at the North Chapel office. There is also a drop-off box at the Norman Williams library.