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Sunday, June 18 2015

Carol Egbert’s Creed

Written at NELS 2007

In the first light of dawn, I find possibility,

In each child I meet, I see hope,

In the sound of rushing water, I hear anticipation.

Each spring, when the phoebes return, I learn constancy,

In the quiet of the meadow, I am embraced by solitude.

The ringing of the chime fills me with peace.

Being with those dear to me, reveals love.

Possibility, hope, anticipation, constancy,

Solitude, peace and love nourish me.

Sunday, August 3
Steve Swayne delivered an interesting reflection on Sanctuary Culture vs. Stadium Culture. You can read Steve’s article A Tale of 2 Cultures: We Live in a Stadium, but Need a Sanctuary by clicking on the link.

Sunday, July 20
Daniel lead a contemplative lectio divina practice, reading “Diving into the Wreck” by Adrienne Rich, 1929 – 2012. Click here to read the full version of the poem.

Sunday, July 6
On Sunday Daniel spoke about a “Higher Calling” and referenced the song by Alicia Keys “Pressing On”. Click Here to listen.

Sunday, June 29
Daniel Jantos and Friends provided the reflection this last Sunday. The reflection included a reading titled “Dancing with Systems” by Donella Meadows.
Click here to learn more about “Dancing with Systems” by Donella Meadows

Sunday, June 22
Marta Ceroni, Executive Director of Donella Meadows Institute, provided the reflection. Marta’s work focuses on fostering systems thinking for the design of sustainable regional economies.

On Sunday Daniel read the poem “Being Human” by Naima Penniman, Climbing PoeTree  and we have received a number of requests to share this poem online. We contacted the author and received permission to do so.
Click this link to read the poem