May 21: Mean What You Say, Own What You Play
Reflection: Michael Zsoldos
Music: Pierre Fournier
Service Coordinator:
 Anne Macksoud

Michael Zsoldos was introduced to music through his father’s vast record collection. Michael attended the Eastman School of Music where he studied classical and jazz saxophone with Ramon Ricker. He later studied with Andrew Speight and Branford Marsalis at Michigan State University and has a master’s degree in music theory. In 2010, Michael released his debut CD “Off the Cuff” with drummer Matt Wilson, bassist Martin Wind, and pianist Miro Sprague. “Off the Cuff” has been playing on radio stations throughout the US and Canada to great reviews and was on the nominating ballot in four categories for the 2011 Grammys. In his work as composer, Michael’s original score is featured in the award-winning documentary “Birdsong and Coffee” A Wake Up Call,” which has aired both on PBS and Link TV. Michael’s passion for teaching led him back to Vermont. He is currently on the teaching faculties of the University of Vermont, Interplay Jazz Camp, and Festival Internazionale Del Sassofono, in Faenza, Italy. He has conducted the District Jazz Bands in Vermont districts IV, V, and VI, and has been a repeat clinician for the Vermont and Maine Music Educators Associations.

May 28: The Aramaic Jesus
Reflection: Jim Totin
Music: Diane and the NC Choir
Service Coordinator: TBA

Jim is the lay minister of the West Fairlee Congregational Church and also has a business doing window cleaning, painting and carpentry.  His life and work experiences, which include being a 200 hr. Svaroopa® Yoga teacher, have been about helping people to experience the world in a new and clearer way.  Jim has a son, Corin who is married and has two daughters  in Winooski, VT.  Jim and his partner Annie travel to Winooski often  to experience grandparenthood.

July 23: “It Could Be Any of Us” ~ The Gift of Women Caregivers
Reflection: Elayne Clift
Music: TBA
Service Coordinator: TBA

Women have always been caregivers. Whether looking after children, elders, family members or friends in small communities and urban settings with limited support systems, or acting as professional caregivers, they’ve been the primary providers of physical care and emotional support in many settings and circumstances. Today that remains true, and being the main caregiver may be more vital than ever.

Because of many issues surrounding caregiving, Elayne Clift compiled a collection of prose and poetry by 21 women caregivers that give testimony to what caretaking has meant for contemporary women.  The anthology is called TAKE CARE: Tales, Tips and Love from Women Caregivers, published by Braughler Books June 1, 2017.

Elayne Clift is a writer, journalist, lecturer and workshop leader. She spent the major part of her career working internationally on women’s health issues. Her latest short story collection, Children of the Chalet: New and Selected Stories, appeared in 2015.

 Children’s Spiritual Exploration Schedule

Children’s Spiritual Exploration is BACK!!!  Each Sunday, Nursery care will be provided for birth-grade 6 children, upstairs in the parlors.

I feel so fortunate to announce that we have an incredible team returning again this year. Ben Fox, Angel Rubino, Jessica Stout, Murray Ngoima, Geraldine and the Change The World Kids will each be sharing our unique talents and enthusiasm with the children this year. Our Fall schedule is as follows:

May 14: Mothers Day! Music as a Spiritual Practice with Michael Zsoldos (and Geraldine)
May 21: K-6 UU Principles with Geraldine and Jessica
May 28: K-6 Art as a Spiritual Practice with Ben and Murray at ArtisTree Community Art Center
June 4: K-6: CTWK and Geraldine (Planting gardens at ArtisTree)

More information on the Children’s SE program is available online! For any questions or ideas please speak to Geraldine or email office@northchapelvt.org.

*Change The World Kids—Rising*

This is a new idea that we are working on in collaboration with the Change The World Kids. We are looking at a monthly gathering of the children in 4th—6th grades, working with and learning from the older Change The World Kids. Contact the office if you are interested in learning more office@northchapelvt.org.

OWL (Our Whole Lives) Grades 4,5,6

Our Whole Lives (OWL) is a sexuality education curriculum that helps participants of all ages make informed and responsible decisions about their sexual health and behavior. The North Chapel is the gauging the interest of parents whom might like to sign their children up for this class.

Learn More

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