August 20: Joint UU Service at Barnard/Silver Lake
Blessing the Space Between Us
Reflection: Service lead by Rev. Paul Sawyer & Rev. Telos Whitfied with support from other congregations.
Please join us for a Joint UU Service at the UU Church in Barnard. Service begins at 10:30am and will be followed by a BYO picnic at Silver Lake.

Click here for more information about this service and the picnic at Silver Lake!

August 27: Why I am a Woodstock Unitarian Universalist: A Reflection on Truth and Meaning
Reflection: Lynn Peterson

Music: Bridgewater Community Chorus
Service Coordinator: Mike Backman

Lynn grew up in Chicago, attended St. Olaf College, Columbia Medical School and trained, worked, did research and taught surgery at the Brigham and Harvard  for 40 years.  For the last 20 of those years he started a Division of Medical Ethics at Harvard Medical School, organized an Ethics Service at the Brigham and served in Harvard’s Program on Ethics and the Professions.  He retired to Woodstock and joined the North Chapel 13 years ago.

September 3:
Reflection: Rev. Leon Dunkley

Music: Don Ransom and Diane Mellinger
Service Coordinator: Susan Inui

September 10:
Reflection: Rev. Leon Dunkley

Music: Diane Mellinger & NC Choir
Service Coordinator: Anne Macksoud

September 17:
Reflection: Phyllis Arata-Meyer

Music: Diane Mellinger & NC Choir
Service Coordinator: Anne Marinello

September 24:
Reflection: Rev. Leon Dunkley

Music: Diane Mellinger & NC Choir
Service Coordinator: Hope Yeager

 Children’s Spiritual Exploration Schedule

Children’s Spiritual Exploration is current on summer recess!!!  Each Sunday, Nursery care will be provided for birth-grade 6 children, upstairs in the parlors.

Childcare is provided in the parlors throughout the year for ages birth to 5 years. Our Spiritual Exploration program for elementary aged children in grades K-6 will be held during the school year, where we introduce children to the UU principals through yoga, mindfulness, creative arts, music, community service and connection to the Natural world

Summer Schedule:
Childcare in the parlors or children are welcome to stay in the sanctuary for the service.

More information on the Children’s SE program is available online! For any questions or ideas please speak to Geraldine or email office@northchapelvt.org.

*Change The World Kids—Rising*

This is a new idea that we are working on in collaboration with the Change The World Kids. We are looking at a monthly gathering of the children in 4th—6th grades, working with and learning from the older Change The World Kids. Contact the office if you are interested in learning more office@northchapelvt.org.

OWL (Our Whole Lives) Grades 4,5,6

Our Whole Lives (OWL) is a sexuality education curriculum that helps participants of all ages make informed and responsible decisions about their sexual health and behavior. The North Chapel is the gauging the interest of parents whom might like to sign their children up for this class.

Learn More

Announcement about Spiritual Themes Second & Third Quarter 2017

In the coming year, the NUCS Worship Committee seeks to cultivate greater spiritual continuity by establishing monthly themes to guide future services. These broad themes, which have intentionally been expressed in expansive language with plenty of room for exploration and interpretation, are designed to reflect the essence of each season, drawing our attention to topics and concepts that naturally emerge as the year progresses. You are all invited to review the proposed themes and to consider how they resonate with your personal experience. If you or someone you know might be able to bring us on journeys through these territories, please contact a member of the Worship Committee.

June: Exploration and the Natural World

When spring transitions into summer, our landscape reveals its full, lush glory.  The inner child may be drawn to break out of routine, explore the natural world, and discover treasures that await us on the road less traveled.  This month, we hope to explore how engaging with nature and responding to an inherent call for adventure or even pilgrimage are often central to one’s personal spiritual journey.

July: Playfulness and Presence

As our landscape bursts into bloom and as the glow of summer casts its warmth over our eager spirits, we may feel a renewed vitality emerge that yearns for play and present-moment surrender, free from the burden of mundane concerns.  How can we allow ourselves to truly relish the delights of summer while preserving harmony and healthful balance? Or if the outer light contrasts too deeply with a more somber inner experience, how might we gently invite a lighthearted presence that feels authentic and true?

August: Manifestation and Abundance

The full glory of summer may be a powerful reminder of our personal relationship to both inner and outer abundance.  In which ways do you experience abundance in your life?  And in which areas would you invite more?  If you currently harbor a sense of want or lack, how might we inspire one another to manifest our desires in ways that honor not just surface whims but rather their associated deeper yearnings?

September: Rituals and Routines

Whether or not you align your life to the rhythms of the academic calendar, vestiges of this pattern may reflect in a tendency to set goals and organize routines with the first hints of autumn. What kinds of personal rituals and routines give grounding, meaning, purpose or order to your life?  How might we harness the power of habit and intention to become our highest, happiest, most authentic selves?  And if routines tend to dominate our lives, how might we renegotiate our relationship with these patterns so as to allow for some needed freedom and flexibility?

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