Interest Groups

Covenant Groups

Purpose: Help church members to connect with each other in meaningful ways, so that they can deepen relationships with one another and grow spiritually.
Process: Covenant groups of 8 to 10 members meet monthly to get to know themselves and each other better as they reflect on the experiences, thoughts and feelings of our common humanity. The “covenant” refers to a commitment to participate regularly and fully. Everyone is invited to join.
Contact: Richard Schramm, Veronica Delay and Mary Jeanne Taylor

The Men’s Group

Provides a place for men to share and explore ideas and perspectives on life, in a confidential manner.Activities: Bi-monthly discussion on subjects of interest to the group, periodic events to support our church and local communities. The North Chapel Men’s Group meets on the first Monday, in the church library room at 7 PM. All men are welcome!

The Change the World Kids

Mission statement: Dedicated to making the world a better place, locally and globally.
Description: An energetic group of teenagers in grades 7-12 helping people complete jobs that they cannot accomplish themselves as well as people in emergency situations. Some of our work is essential to people’s survival and some to the preservation of the global environment.

Contact: Phyllis Arata-Meyers, or on the web at: 

Sustainable Woodstock

Sustainable Woodstock seeks to inspire, organize and empower community members to integrate environmentally, economically and socially responsible practices in all aspects of their lives. The organization’s volunteer-based action groups encourage a vibrant community, promote a thriving local economy, and educate community members about how to conserve and protect natural resources.

Initially founded in 2007 to respond to  the climate change crisis, Sustainable Woodstock’s members came to realize that true progress on environmental goals was linked to community values and economic development. In April 2009, eighty citizens from Woodstock and its environs spent a full day deep in conversation about their particular passion for how to make our villages and rural areas more sustainable. Called Our Green Villages: Sustaining Environment, Community and Economy, this event launched a significant grassroots movement that in a year’s time has evolved into a potent, albeit fledgling, organization: Sustainable Woodstock.

By the end of that April weekend, participants had organized themselves into action groups focused on a broad range of concerns, such as promotion of local foods and development of alternative transportation modes.  These activists formed action groups—rather than committees or task forces– to stress the importance of taking action rather than just discussing or studying issues. In just one year, Sustainable Woodstock’s action groups have been instrumental in establishing two community gardens, forming a Town Economic Development Commission, hosting three Naked Table events, designing plans for a riverfront park, writing a Town energy plan, and much more. Through these activities, local residents are joining forces to make their community a better place to live and work.

Sally Miller, Director
Sustainable Woodstock
P.O. Box 611
Woodstock, VT 05091
802 457 2911