Ministerial Search

North Universalist Chapel Society
. . . a loving church community located in Woodstock, Vermont

The Minister We Seek

We are an empowered, engaged, and energized congregation that has operated without a minister over the past year, as well as several times in the past. We have organized and conducted services, arranged for coverage of pastoral care, supported a staff member taking on a bigger role in spiritual/religious education, and managed and governed our church with care and competence. We have learned what we can do well on our own and where we struggle, and we have a clear idea of what qualities we are seeking in a settled minister. We have found our voice as a congregation, actively participating in our services and giving special importance to the sharing of joys and concerns.

We seek an individual who sees the role of the minister as a partner with the congregation in pursuit of the mission of the North Chapel; someone who looks forward to a collaborative ministry with enthusiasm and a desire to join us and to grow with us as we come together in the work of the church. Someone who is comfortable with collaborative leadership of worship services and other activities of a spiritual nature, as well as a genuine partner with the board, staff and committees in the planning and conduct of the administration of the church. We envision someone who is more a facilitator than a director, at home with participative democracy rather than top-down authority, and a strong supporter of openness and transparency.  We hope for a minister who will respect our voice and bring a voice that harmonizes with ours.

The Minister We Seek
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Our Search Committee

  • Marcia Peterson, Chair
  • Angel Rubino
  • Veronica Delay
  • Richard Schramm
  • Matthew Friedman

For More Information
Our Search Committee has prepared a detailed website providing a wealth of information for prospective applicants. For the link and password to this website, please contact: Marcia Peterson, Chair of Search Committee (